Unique themed Restaurants

Hugot Cafe

Hugot Cafe is a fun student-friendly cafe with hugot-inspired dishes and beverages. Diners are entertained by servers who shout out hugot lines and are encouraged to express and write their feelings on their #HugotWall. It may not be the best place for couples, but it’s definitely for hearty conversations with friends. P.S. They have open mic nights and poetry nights.


Boracay Toilet

Boracay Toilet is the first toilet-themed restaurant in the Philippines,which opened just last year. It was inspired by the owner’s first-hand experience at the Modern Toilet restaurant in Taipei. It offers Filipino fusion dishes with quirky pun titles, served in mini toilet bowls and urinal-shaped glasses.



Megawatt is a power plant-themed, a carwash concept diner and is the first solar-lighted restaurant in Manila. It is a family-owned business and specializes in Tex-Mex dishes including burritos, pizzas, ribs, burgers and more.


Camping Date

Camping Date is a Korean restaurant that offers a unique indoor campingdining experience. On top of this are their much talked about signatura Korean fried chicken and pizza selections available in various flavors. All ingredients are said to be imported from Korea to provide the most authentic taste.13108992_794690257330135_939912085_n.jpg




Top 5 Fun Unique Themed Cafés in Manila

1. Caffera

Located at Diliman, Quezon City, this popular cafe is heaven for photographers and photographer wannabes. Caffera is known for serving their drinks in cups that are designed like that of a lens of a DSLR. Your eyes will also be delighted with tons of aesthetics on their walls that are definitely “pang-instagram besh.”


2. iChill Theater Cafe

Yes you read that right! A cafe designed for theater enthusiasts! iChill Theater Cafe does not only serve good coffee and pasta but also promotes interactivity among its customers by giving them free snacks whenever they sing a song or recite a poem or a speech. Better shake off that stage fright when you go there.


3. Chemistea

Another hangout spot that is super “instagrammable” is Chemistea at Quezon City. This geek-themed beverage shop makes you feel like a scien-tea-ist. Their specialties are milk teas but they also serve good coffee as well. Taking a photo of their drinks served in beakers and laboratory flasks is really irresistible. Uy, feeling scientist.



4. Caffe Piansa

Mabibilanggo ka sa sarap ng pagkain dito! Caffe Piansa is the first jail-themed restaurant in the Philippines and allows “criminals” to choose from their full range of food and drinks. You eat inside detention cells and can also have your mug shot taken at their mug shot photo booth. You and your partner in crime will surely enjoy the experience at Caffe Piansa.


5. Uke Box Caffé

Take it from its name; this cafe has ukuleles on the walls! No worries if you don’t know how to play a ukulele, there are also ukulele chords illustrations on their walls and if you still don’t get it, they offer free lessons to their guests. They can also print your face or any picture you want onto the coffee foam of your coffee. Music plus coffee equals perfection!



The cool cave pools of Anda in Bohol

Anda in Bohol is famous for its long white sand beach but for the traveler, there are other options, like the beautiful and cool cave pools. These are refreshing alternatives to sun worshiping.

The southeast part of Bohol, where Anda is located is mostly made of limestone and developed during the early and middle Miocene era (20-11 million years ago), thus it is called Anda Limestone.


Because of the soft nature of the rock, over time, the action of water and other geologic activities has led to the formations of caves across, not just in the municipality but in many parts of Bohol.

But one thing that this geologic action has brought to Anda is the formation of several mini caves (it has actually 30 major and minor caves) near the sea. With the porous nature of limestone, water from the mountain seeps in these caves as it journey to the sea. And, voila! you have cave pools. Seven are known of which four are accessible. Below are the cave pools I’ve been to.

Combento Cave Pool

This is the best, so far, that I’ve been to and I like the most! Just around a hundred meters or less from Bitoon White Beach in Barangay Birhen. Combento Cave Pool is one of two, the other a smaller one and is just a few meters from each other. Actually, there are three caves here of which one is dry.

From the entrance is just a few short steps down to the pristine body of water below. As the height of the water depends on the tides, the deepest portion is around 6 ft. I just like swimming here.


It’s not that deep actually. Mostly, the pool area is shallow due to some rocks on some portions that one can stand on. Look up and the dome like formation above is just so awesome that it heightens the experience of being in a cave. Unfortunately, some bathers leave shampoo sachets and other plastic items.

Entrance fee to this cave pool is just P10 for adults and is collected at the gate.


Kaligoon Cave Pool

A few meters before Combento Cave Pool, and the first one that visitors will pass is a smaller cave pool. The water is shallower compared to Combento and the ceiling is lower but still enough room to swim around.


I didn’t bother swimming here as its bigger brother is better. But its less spooky compared to Combento and can be a good place for solo dips.

Cabagnow or Kabagno Cave Pool

This is the deepest cave pool in Anda with portions said to be 25 feet deep. It was also a scene in one local movie. Kabagno Cave Pool is a bit challenging. Because its practically a hole in the ground, one has to bring a ladder (a nearby house rents one) so that it would be possible to get out!

The water is cool and during high tide, and, the same with the rest of the cave pools, saline water mixes with the fresh. Several townsfolk visit this pool and is quite popular for weekenders as one can just jump from the edges.


There are no signs leading to this cave pool although tricycle and habalhabal drivers know where to alight and start a short walk.

East Coast Cave Pool

The Cave Pool within the compounds of East Coast White Sand Resort and Recreation in Barangay Candabong is smaller than Combento Cave Pool. Its deeper but nonetheless interesting too. There’s a series of steps carved out of the rocks and electric lighting is available, upon request.


I opted not to swim here as its just small and since its within the resort, they collect a P100 fee. It’s free when you’re a guest here.

Entrance to the cave pool with steep steps While locals are familiar with these cave pools, it is always better to visit the LGU Tourism office at the municipal hall near the church.


Mövenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu

Visit Mövenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu, one of the most scenic destinations in the Philippines. Ideally located 6 kilometers from Mactan Cebu International Airport, this 5-star Mediterranean-inspired beachfront hotel, with 245 rooms and suites, offers contemporary style with a fun and fresh appeal for both leisure and business travelers.

Offering an array of choices from deluxe rooms to suite, event spaces, wellness and leisure activities, entertainment and culinary delights, this hip and happening property is the most ideal choice to jumpstart your Cebu sojourn.


Experience the best this Cebu hotel has to offer, from the wide array of flavors that can be found at The Sails buffet restaurant or any of the 3 other food and beverage outlets, to the thrill of various water sports and adrenaline pumping activities throughout the hotel and beach. Be in harmony with nature as you feast your eyes on the underwater scenery of our marine sanctuary or as you refresh and recharge at Spa del Mar.

Our hotel is the perfect choice for all kinds of occasions, business events and weddings, with venues ranging from intimate spaces, ballrooms, lush tropical grounds to a luxurious beach side bar and club.


Ibiza Beach Club is the premier venue for the most sought after events on the island. This stylish social hub, located at the end of the marina, offers lifestyle dining accompanied with dance music by resident DJ’s and a showcase of world-class themed performances. Gastronomes are in for a treat with a selection of Mediterranean tapas and the restaurant’s Balearic-inspired, signature 15-course grill.