Top 5 Fun Unique Themed Cafés in Manila

1. Caffera

Located at Diliman, Quezon City, this popular cafe is heaven for photographers and photographer wannabes. Caffera is known for serving their drinks in cups that are designed like that of a lens of a DSLR. Your eyes will also be delighted with tons of aesthetics on their walls that are definitely “pang-instagram besh.”


2. iChill Theater Cafe

Yes you read that right! A cafe designed for theater enthusiasts! iChill Theater Cafe does not only serve good coffee and pasta but also promotes interactivity among its customers by giving them free snacks whenever they sing a song or recite a poem or a speech. Better shake off that stage fright when you go there.


3. Chemistea

Another hangout spot that is super “instagrammable” is Chemistea at Quezon City. This geek-themed beverage shop makes you feel like a scien-tea-ist. Their specialties are milk teas but they also serve good coffee as well. Taking a photo of their drinks served in beakers and laboratory flasks is really irresistible. Uy, feeling scientist.



4. Caffe Piansa

Mabibilanggo ka sa sarap ng pagkain dito! Caffe Piansa is the first jail-themed restaurant in the Philippines and allows “criminals” to choose from their full range of food and drinks. You eat inside detention cells and can also have your mug shot taken at their mug shot photo booth. You and your partner in crime will surely enjoy the experience at Caffe Piansa.


5. Uke Box Caffé

Take it from its name; this cafe has ukuleles on the walls! No worries if you don’t know how to play a ukulele, there are also ukulele chords illustrations on their walls and if you still don’t get it, they offer free lessons to their guests. They can also print your face or any picture you want onto the coffee foam of your coffee. Music plus coffee equals perfection!




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