Unique themed Restaurants

Hugot Cafe

Hugot Cafe is a fun student-friendly cafe with hugot-inspired dishes and beverages. Diners are entertained by servers who shout out hugot lines and are encouraged to express and write their feelings on their #HugotWall. It may not be the best place for couples, but it’s definitely for hearty conversations with friends. P.S. They have open mic nights and poetry nights.


Boracay Toilet

Boracay Toilet is the first toilet-themed restaurant in the Philippines,which opened just last year. It was inspired by the owner’s first-hand experience at the Modern Toilet restaurant in Taipei. It offers Filipino fusion dishes with quirky pun titles, served in mini toilet bowls and urinal-shaped glasses.



Megawatt is a power plant-themed, a carwash concept diner and is the first solar-lighted restaurant in Manila. It is a family-owned business and specializes in Tex-Mex dishes including burritos, pizzas, ribs, burgers and more.


Camping Date

Camping Date is a Korean restaurant that offers a unique indoor campingdining experience. On top of this are their much talked about signatura Korean fried chicken and pizza selections available in various flavors. All ingredients are said to be imported from Korea to provide the most authentic taste.13108992_794690257330135_939912085_n.jpg




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